Lovely Crafts by “That Crazy Lady”

I have a friend who makes some really “Lovely” crafts. Her name is Staci, otherwise known as “That Crazy Lady.”

Here’s a picture of us in Staci’s new booth at the Funky Trunk in Yukon holding a few of her latest creations:

photo (30)

That Crazy Lady’s style is part contemporary, part retro, handmade items with bold colors and fun patterns. I just love it! I also love Staci’s attitude. She is a great friend who has been a huge inspiration to me to follow my passions, to do whatever it is I feel like God has gifted me and called me to do. For a long time I wanted to be a writer, but I always felt that was a pipe dream. I’m a nobody. Who would want to read anything I wrote? Staci and other friends and family have helped me to see that Life is Short, and that I need to obey the Lord and do what HE is calling me to do, no matter what anyone else may say!

So, back to the Lovely items – – – Here is what I bought from That Crazy Lady:

photo (29)

Isn’t it cute? It’s a Chalkboard Wreath. Genius, right? It was so stinking cheap, only $15. This is hanging in my laundry room for my boys and husband to see when they come home. Hopefully they will do what it says!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of Staci’s lovely crafts, and follow your dreams too!


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