And the Pastor’s Wife Said “Amen”

At our church we have three Sunday morning services, and usually I attend all three. So, yep, I hear my hubs preach the same message three times in a row every week. I must really love him to do that, huh? Just kidding (not really).


Well, one of the thoughts from yesterday’s sermon is still reverberating in my mind and heart today. The Bible passage that we learned from was from 2 Kings 7:3-9. The four leprous men asked themselves, “Why are we sitting here until we die?” It’s one of my favorite Bible stories, actually. There are so many relevant, applicable lessons we can take from that story. But there was just one thought from yesterday that I just can’t stop thinking about, and it’s this – –


“Be so busy pursuing God that you don’t have time to get entangled in wrong pursuits.”


My sweet hubs, um excuse me, the pastor, at this point in the sermon was explaining that these four men were taking action, being doers, and he was encouraging us to take action, to pursue God and do what God has called us to do. When we do that, we won’t have time to get entangled in messes.


Wow, what a thought. You mean “busy-ness” could actually be a good thing? “Busy-ness” is often spoken of in a negative way in the church world . . . but maybe when we are busy we are protected? Maybe we won’t have time to get in trouble?


I know with my three boys I try to keep them busy. I want them to be active – playing outside, playing sports, doing church stuff, chores, family outings – I want them to be occupied because we all know that kids and teenagers can easily find mischief to get into if they are not busy. Maybe it’s like that with us adults too?


Hmm . . . it’s something to ponder and pray about.




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