The Ugly Truth

A few years ago my son Kale would only wear long pants. He refused to wear shorts, because he was hiding an ugly truth. He had a wart on his knee. He had this wart on his knee for about two years – long enough for our family to name it. We affectionately called Kale’s wart Dottie. After many, many treatments – medicines, creams, even trying to scrape it off – we finally discovered how to get rid of Dottie – duct tape. After a couple of weeks with duct tape on his knee, Kale’s wart finally came off. No more Dottie! My husband joked that we should have held a funeral service for Dottie the Wart. Kale could finally wear shorts! In Cool Springs Girls I include a few stories from my real life. In one of the scenes in the book I write about something I’m not proud of from my own middle school years – something that I participated in that was shameful, ugly. When I was in eighth grade, during lunch time in the school cafeteria, some girls and I would take the paper wrappers from Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, sneak up behind people and place the wrappers on their head without them knowing about it. The rest of the day we would call that person “the Jew of the day” and make comments about that person being Jewish.


     It was really stupid, ugly. I can’t believe I did that. It is an ugly truth from my past.

     We all have ugly truths, but Jesus is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life. His TRUTH is more powerful than your ugly truth. Jesus loves you despite your ugly truth. He loves you, warts and all. He wants you to not cover up the ugly truth in your life, but to be honest about it with Him. Allow Him to remove the ugliness in your life and replace it with His truth.


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