Whatever Makes You Weird . . .


     I saw this meme on Pinterest, and I just can’t get away from it. It’s so true.

     My friend Courtney is a teenage writer, and she just started a blog, lolabellesuniverse.wordpress.com, and she asked a question about finding inspiration for characters, and I had the thought – – I love it in real life when I find out something surprising about a person. It’s like I always thought of this person as a kind of stereotype, and they’re not that at all. It’s so cool. . . and that’s exactly how I want my fictional characters to be too.

And you know what, I hope that’s how I am. I hope that I surprise people. I hope I’m real. Not a stereotype. Weird even.

Think about it. God is the ultimate author, and He doesn’t create boring, stereotypical characters in His novel.

Lots of Love,



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