Lovey Photos by Susan Cofer Fell

Isn’t this picture stunning?

windchimes by Susan Cofer Fell

I just love this picture! My friend, Susan Cofer Fell, is an excellent photographer. She has just started selling her photos on Istock photo, and I am so proud of her! I am just becoming acquainted with the whole istock photo world. I recently purchased an istock photo for the cover of my book, Cool Springs Girls. I had written the book about a Latino girl who was in the eighth grade and had braces. I really wanted to put a close-up picture of her smiling on the cover. I thought about taking my own picture of a girl that I thought looked like Sarah Grace, but my pictures wound up looking like the horrible selfies taken by the kids today. UGH. What to do? Then I discovered istock. It was a God-send! I just typed in what I was looking for, and WHAMMO! There she was – smiling at me. A girl who looked just exactly as I had pictured Sarah Grace! Hallelujah!

Now my friend Susan has started selling her photos and istock, and I just know her pictures are going to be bestsellers. They are gorgeous! My favorite is the one above – windchimes in the rain with a beautiful Oklahoma sunset behind. Lovely.

I also like this one –

wind farm by Susan Cofer Fell

An Oklahoma wind farm – love it! I’m sure there are places in the world where they don’t even know what a wind farm is. Just come to Oklahoma sometime and try to keep a perfect hairstyle outside all day. Then you’ll understand why we have wind farms!

I’m so proud of Susan for pursuing her dream of becoming a professional photographer. I hope you have enjoyed her pictures and take a minute to go and look at her page on istock photo. You can click here and see it!


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