The Cookie Monster Within

Great tips on overcoming a sugar addiction!


Cookies.  Just the word makes me want to bolt to the nearest shopping mall and go grab some Mrs. Fields.

This past Friday night Amy made chocolate chip cookies…. for the kids of course.  As soon as I saw them in the oven I fought the inward battle haha.  I knew the kids would down a few and Lil Squish would put away a few as well and that there would probably be a half dozen or so left for temptation.

Are you super disciplined and can limit yourself to just one?  I must confess not me.  If I eat one, I eat another, and then another until the plate is empty.  Why?  Even though I was a huge fan of cookie monster growing up, I’m not a fan of the one that lurks within me.  If I eat one it awakens him and he takes over.

My wife strategized…

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