Hey Everybody,

I thought I might try something different and put some of my writing on my blog as I’m writing it. It’s a little scary doing this. This is a rough draft, hasn’t been edited at all – so please don’t judge! I just thought this might be a way to give a sneak peek at what I’m currently working on, and also motivate me to write!

Thanks for checking it out!


Cool Springs Girls 2

Chapter One

I can hear them whispering.

I don’t know if they want me to hear, so they are intentionally whispering too loud, or if I just have really good ears, but I can hear what they’re saying about my shoes.

“You would think a famous singer would have better shoes.”

A giggle.

“Maybe she spent all her money.”

“Yeah, it looks like on candy bars.”

They laugh.

I can feel my face getting hot and my cheeks turning red. I lean up and almost turn around to tell them to shut up, but Lanae, who is sitting in the desk next to me, gives me one of her small smiles, reminding me of what I already know.

But they keep whispering.

“Look at those flip flops. They look like they’re from the Dollar Store.” The person who said that laughs again. “She is seriously going to have to get some tape or something before the end of the day, because that strap is about to completely come off of that shoe.”

I remember Lanae’s smile and force myself to focus on the assignment on the desk in front of me. On top of the white worksheet there is a big bold heading that reads, “WELCOME BACK!” Under the heading are these directions, “I hope you had a great summer! Please write a well constructed paragraph about your summer.”

Really? My new English teacher is starting out the year with a writing assignment? On the first day of school? Man, she is hard-core.

Behind me I hear more giggling.

Someone has said something about a candy bar again. Ugh. I wondered if anyone would notice. Yeah, I gained a few pounds over the summer. Too much rich food, too many hours inside the studio practicing and recording and not enough time outside exercising. Most summers I usually spend every day at the pool in my trailer park. This year I only went swimming a couple of times.

They are still talking about me. This seriously has to stop. If it doesn’t stop I may just go all “Amber” on them. I try to not think about them and focus on writing this paragraph. I try to not think about all of the people around me who are already finished. It always takes me longer to get my work done than most everyone else. School has never been something I was very good at.

“As you are finishing up your paragraphs, I’m going to go over the class rules and procedures as listed on your syllabus.”

Be on time. Bring your supplies. Be polite. Do your work. And on and on. Haven’t these been our school rules since kindergarten? Do we really need to go over them every year on the first day of school?

“Welcome to the beginning of an amazing year at Cool Springs High School!” The principal interrupts over the intercom. “My name is Mr. Cooper, and I am your principal. At this time, we will begin our year with a moment of silence.”

As he pauses for the state mandated thirty seconds of silence, I think a prayer in my mind to Jesus, “God, I need your help. I really need your help right now to write this paragraph and not to punch one of those girls behind me in the face. Thank you Jesus for – “

My prayer is cut short by the principal’s voice again.

“And now please stand and join me in the pledge of allegiance.” The principal leads the whole school in the pledge, and then he gives the announcements. I quickly finish my paragraph as he talks.

“The Cool Springs Fall Festival is in less than two weeks, and you know what that means everyone. That means you need to sign up for the bake-off, the rodeo, the parade, and the beauty pageant. The deadline to sign up is Monday, so sign up!”

Two rows over, Katie is pointing at me and mouthing something. What is she saying? And what’s different about her?

“Pageant,” she whispers, “Brianna, you need to be in the beauty pageant!”

I know what’s different. Her glasses. Where are her cute little purple glasses? She must have gotten contacts over the summer. I never noticed how pretty her blue eyes were.

I just shrug my shoulders back at her and act like I haven’t really thought about the Cool Springs Fall Festival Beauty Pageant, which of course, is a total lie.

Lanae whispers to Katie, “She can’t do a beauty pageant. We have to promote our record. By the way, have you downloaded our song yet on ITunes? It’s only .99 cents, girl!”

Our new English teacher gives Lanae a teacher look that makes Lanae stop talking fast.

“And finally, everyone remember that only juniors and seniors are allowed off campus for lunch. Any sophomores or freshmen who go off campus for lunch with be counted as truant and will be given three days of in-school suspension.”

“Can’t wait till we’re juniors and can go off campus for lunch!” Lanae whispers next to me. The teacher gives both of us a look now. I wish Lanae would be quiet. Teachers don’t usually like me anyway, but I would rather not make one mad on the first day.

“Let’s make this year the best ever at Cool Springs High School! Have an awesome day!” The principal signs off, and I silently think, “Ugh, another school year. How many more of these do I have left?”

Our new English teacher tells us that we’re going to read our paragraphs aloud. Great. Just great.

I can hear the girls behind me say something about singing and candy bars again. Wow, it’s a good thing Amber isn’t here, she’d be going to town on those girls.


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