5 Questions to Ask Yourself

I triple-dog-dare you to take exactly five minutes to ponder these five questions. Sixty seconds per question – you have that much time, don’t you? Okay, don’t have five minutes? Then how about just take sixty seconds to ponder the first question. It’s the most important.


1.) Do I believe in God?

2.) Do I believe in an afterlife?

3.) What is the point to my life?

4.) Am I doing anything that will outlast my life?

5.) Am I living out my beliefs?

I know this is a super-short blog post, but I just felt compelled to challenge people to take five minutes to think about these five questions. So many people don’t ever pause to think about these things, or maybe they thought about them twenty-five years ago, made up their mind, and haven’t ever thought about them again. I challenge you to re-visit these five questions often. They are the most important questions you could ever ask yourself.


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