Warning: Martha Rant Ahead

I am a creature of habit. I go to the same convenience store, the same drug store, and the same grocery store every week. I chose these particular stores because of their locations primarily, but I also like them for their cleanliness and kind and helpful employees. This last week something has just absolutely slapped me in the face at three of my favorite stores. All three of these stores – 7-11, Walgreens, and Homeland, have some downright pornographic magazine covers on display in prominent areas of their stores.

IMG_1025 This magazine with a woman with no shirt is on display at Walgreens in Yukon. Notice how it is right at a child’s eye level and in a prominent position right under the cash register.

IMG_1024This magazine cover shows a woman taking off the bottom part of her bikini. It is on display right by the cash register at 7-11 on Vandament Avenue in Yukon. It is also at a child’s eye level.

IMG_1023 This same magazine cover with a topless woman is on display at Homeland on Cornwell in Yukon. It is right by the cash register at a child’s eye level.

At all three stores these magazines are displayed near a register and low enough for small children to see them – actually right at the eye level of children. As the mother of teenage boys, this infuriates me. These stores are making it even more difficult for me to raise pure boys. Can’t Yukon, Oklahoma do something about this?

Now, I’m not saying these magazines should be outlawed altogether. Because, although I’d love to outlaw porn altogether, I realize that would be a huge twenty year battle. However, I do think that we can make some sort of city ordinance requiring the stores in our town to place covers like this out of sight of children. Can’t we require them to put them up high and to put a paper wrapping around them?

I told employees at all three stores that this is offensive. I wonder if they will move the magazines on their own? I don’t plan on boycotting these stores if they don’t move them. I know that they are in a difficult position with their vendors and contracts, etc.

Well, I’m not really sure what to do about this. I just would like to get this conversation started about how we can maybe make this better in our city, and I am also committing to start praying about this for Yukon.

Thanks for reading my rant. Please pray with me that we can raise pure children in a sick world.


One thought on “Warning: Martha Rant Ahead

  1. I’ve felt the same way for a long time about this exact same issue and your points are dead-on! I would love to see these magazines covered up like they Playboy and others and totally out of reach of children.


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