Books by Martha

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Whispers & Dreams copy

Melissa had her whole life planned – the perfect job, the perfect guy, the perfect family, in the perfect town, but as she is preparing to walk the aisle on her wedding day, she can’t ignore the Whisper any longer. As she listens to the Whisper she’s led to a place she never knew existed – a tiny mission church that ministers to a Native American community. There she meets a little girl with a secret and a handsome missionary with a heartbreaking past. Will she continue to follow the Whisper to a strange and exciting, but scary and unpredictable life, or will she wise up and settle for the perfectly plotted comfortable life she thought she always wanted?

This women’s Christian novel is available in paperback and e-book formats.

Other titles by Martha . . .

TMDL Front Cover

Natalie loved to make to-do lists and felt a real satisfaction when everything on her list was checked off. This made her the perfect wedding coordinator, but didn’t always go over so well with other areas of her life. When Great-Aunt Wanda was alive she’d been almost like a mother to Natalie, whose mother dropped out of Natalie’s life when she was fifteen. The first Mother’s Day after Wanda’s death, Natalie receives an eerie letter from her precious great-aunt with four challenges. Will the always-in-control Natalie be able to fulfill Wanda’s challenges, and experience the true love and friendships that are awaiting her, or will she retreat to the security of her perfectly plotted to-do list life and ignore her aunt’s challenges from the grave?

Click Here to order The Mother’s Day Letter

How to Have a Drama-Free Life 


Does it feel like you life is a chaotic roller coater of emotions? maybe you’ve got too much drama in your life. A drama-free life? Doesn’t that sound awesome? God’s desire is for you to break free from the exhausting, drama-filled life, and to find the peaceful, abundant life He has prepared for you.

In this study, we look at the example of Mary the mother of Jesus, and learn ten steps to take as we face the trials of life without being overcome by drama.

This book is part workbook, part girl-talk, part devotional. It’s great for small groups, Sunday School classes, or private Bible study. This books is available in paperback and e-book formats.

Click here to order How to Have a Drama-Free Life.

Cool Springs Girls 1 : Sarah Grace 

Cool Springs Girls Cover

Superstar Alana Ryles is sponsoring a singing competition for the next big star. Sarah Grace (the shortest girl in the eighth grade and quite possibly the whole school) and her best friend, Brianna (the girl who can eat anything she wants and still have a teeny waist, ugh, sometimes it’s hard for Sarah Grace not to be jealous.), and a couple of other wannabe singers, Lanae and Meredith, are all determined to win.
As Sarah Grace, Brianna, Lanae, and Meredith are preparing for the big talent search, selecting the perfect song and practicing like crazy, life a Cool Springs Middle School is anything but pitch-perfect. The girls have to overcome arguments, grudges, cyber-bullying, and body image issues.
Cool Springs Girls is unique in that it is an innocent book that boldly deals with real, modern issues from an unapologetic Biblical perspective. The characters in this book ask tough questions, like, “How can I forgive someone who hasn’t asked for forgiveness?” and “Why don’t all Christians go to the same church?” and “Is it selfish of me to want to win?” and “I know God has forgiven me, but how can I forget what I did?” and even, “Am I old enough to date?”
Upper elementary and middle school girls will want to read this book because the characters in the book are just like them. The four “Cool Springs Girls” are funny, moody, boy-crazy, drama-filled, confused, and vulnerable. They face real-life middle school situations. However, these girls also have the opportunity to become superstars!
With guidance from Sarah Grace’s parents, who are filling in as middle school pastors at their church, the girls learn that friendship and a relationship with Jesus Christ are more important than fame. This book is available in paperback and e-book formats.

Click here to order Cool Springs Girls 1: Sarah Grace 


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