God Always Keeps His Promises – Kids Ministry Idea


As I’ve been filling in as the Children’s Pastor at our church, I have discovered that Kids Pastors are a lot like school teachers in this . . . they always need new ideas!

This last Sunday I did something that I was nervous about at first. I didn’t know how the kids would like it, especially the older kids . . . especially the older boys. I was pleasantly surprised that all of the kids seemed to love it! So, I thought I’d share the idea, because I know how it is as a Kids Pastor – you always need new ideas!

Our lesson was about baby Isaac being born, and our main idea was, “God Always Keeps His Promises.” As an opening introduction, I did the following skit with photo booth props. The kids thought the photo booth props and funny voices and repetition of words starting with “P” were all hilarious.

Princess Penelope’s Birthday Party 

Characters – Hold up a different photo booth prop as you act out each character. Also, give each character a unique voice.

Princess Penelope – tiara prop & sweet voice

Her friend Poppy – glasses prop & nerdy voice, snorts when excited

Her friend Piper – green bow on head prop – silly English voice or some other accent

Popular Paula  – pink masquerade mask prop & snotty voice

Her papa the king – top hat and mustache props & royal King voice

Princess Penelope – “Hi, I’m Princess Penelope, and I’m so excited because I’m planning my birthday party! I got decorations and a ordered cake and I called my best friends and invited them to come. First I called my best friend Poppy!”

Poppy – Oh yes, Penelope! I would love to come to your party! I just love coming to your house, the palace and playing at your parties! We always have so much fun!

Princess Penelope – Well Poppy was so excited that I PROMISED her that she could come and that we would have the best time ever! Next I called my other best friend, Piper.

Piper – OH yes, Penelope! I want to come to your party! Thank you so much for promising me that I could come! We will have a blast!

Princess Penelope – So, I called and promised my two best friends, Poppy and Piper, that they could come to my party, but then I got an unexpected phone call from the most popular girl in our class, Paula. Popular Paula never calls me! I’ve always wanted to be friends with Paula and all of her popular friends, but they’ve never noticed me.

Popular Paula – Penelope, I’ve called to tell you that my popular friends and I want to come to your birthday party, however, you must make sure that those loser friends of yours, Piper and Poppy are not there. My popular friends and I would never go to a party with those lame-o’s.

Princess Penelope – Well I just didn’t know what to do! I had already promised Piper and Poppy that they could come, and we’ve been friends since Pre-K! But, I have always wanted to be in the popular group with Popular Paula and all of her popular friends. So, I did what I always do when I don’t know what to do. I asked my Papa, the king, for some advice.

Papa – Dearest Penelope, you promised your friends Piper and Poppy that you’d invite them to your party. We should always keep our promises. God keeps His promises to us, and we should try to be like Him, so we should keep our promises too.

Princess Penelope – I realized my Papa was right. I needed to keep my promises. So, my two best friends Piper and Poppy came to my party, and Popular Paula and her popular friends didn’t come, and Piper and Poppy and I had the most perfect time at my party!

This is a fun skit to go along with lessons about friendship or keeping your promises. Enjoy!