I Can’t . . . My Kid Has Practice

Hey Guys! I’m guest blogging again today on the One Faith Boutique Blog. Today’s blog is for all of you tired moms out there – just a little encouragement to let you know that you’re not alone and to cherish these days filled with game schedules, practices, school projects, groceries, and laundry. I hope you take a minute to click on the link below and read today’s post!

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I Can’t My Kid Has Practice . . . One Faith Boutique Blog

I Can't My Kids Has Practice!


An Organized Life

Ever feel like your life is an unorganized, chaotic mess?

I do – quite often. Ever feel like you have pockets of your life that are uncontrollably messy – – the junk drawer (or drawers like at my house), the kids’ closets, the laundry room, the garage. Then you click over to Pinterest and it seems like the rest of the world has this organization thing all figured out and you’re the only one who hasn’t labeled everything in your pantry? I feel like that a lot. I recently organized our family medicine cabinet, a small job, I know, but something that I have needed to do for about 20 years. I should have taken a “before” picture. Just imagine about 125 random medicine containers jammed into an old sticky goo covered basket with old band-aids and other random things like Nerf bullets and dead batteries thrown in and you get the idea. Here is our family medicine cabinet now –

Medicine Cabinet

I know this is not exactly Pinterest-worthy, but it was a big deal to me to finally get it organized!

Anybody else like me? You LOVE organization and order in your life? That’s one of the things I absolutely LOVE about our Creator God. He is an organizer, a planner. He has everything laid out, in order. I don’t know about you, but I find great peace and comfort in that fact. Sometimes my life seems like a crazy, unorganized mess. In those times, I whisper and prayer of praise thanking my God that HE has it all in HIS hands, under control, and I pray that I would follow the organized plan that HE has all lined out for me. His plan is far better than any I could ever make!

Believe Me, It Does


          I’ve heard that Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. At church a few days ago we sang a song that said, “You are my first, you are my last. You are my future and my past.” And that got me thinking – in all the areas of my life I’m not at the beginning or the end of anything. I’m SMACK DAB in the middle of everything it seems. In the middle you don’t have the excitement of starting something new anymore, and you don’t yet see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the middle there is the danger of starting to feel like you know how to do life so you don’t need help anymore. In the middle there is the danger of becoming tired and overwhelmed because you can’t see the beginning anymore, and you can’t see the end yet, and you just see middle . . . middle . . . middle everywhere. I believe the middle is a crucial part of any endeavor. Everything I’m involved in – raising kids, marriage, ministry, trying to be a writer is in the middle. Even my age (gulp) is mid-life. (Whew, that sentences was hard to write.) How can I stay energized, positive, optimistic, and confident when I’m in the middle? I have friends who feel the same way, and we’ve talked about how hard it is too feel this way – not the cute young things with no kids anymore, not the retired grandmas with time to spoil everyone yet – we are the Mamas in the Middle. As I was praying about this, the story of Paul and Silas in jail from Acts 16 came to my mind. Paul and Silas were in jail for doing the Lord’s work. In verse 25 it says that “At MIDnight” Paul and Silas were praising the Lord and singing, and the Lord sent an earthquake and delivered them from jail. What this tells me is that I need to praise the Lord in the middle. Even when I’m realizing that I’m not the youngest teacher in the school anymore, that I’m primarily identified as someone’s mom, that my taste in clothes and music is considered “old-lady-ish” by some, but that I still haven’t achieved most of the things I want to achieve – when I am thinking that the middle is really hard – I need to praise the Lord for all He has done, for all He is going to do, and not for anything He has done at all, but just for who He is. This sounds really cliche and simplistic. Will it really work? When I’m feeling that middle feeling will it make a difference to just whisper to God a quick thank you for His blessings? Will it really make a difference to sing a song of praise to Him while I’m cooking dinner? It does. Believe me, it does. So, in the middle of this busy week, remember to PRAISE the Lord of the Beginning, Middle, and End! He is Worthy!