What Makes a Human?

Certainly not what we see, for skin, hair, and eyes have a variety of hues,

height has a vast range, and noses can be snubbed or ski sloped.

Our humanity is neither determined by what we hear,

for some speak with a twang, some with a lisp,

some gentle and soft, some loud and abrasive,

some sing about love, and some shout words of hate,

but all are humans.

So then what makes a human?

Not gender or any interpretation of it.

Not age, because some are unborn and some a very old.

Humanity is more than two eyes, one nose, one mouth, and two legs.

Humanity is something you cannot see or hear.

What makes a person?

A Soul.

You see, God sent His one and only son for SOULS, and everyone has one of those.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that a

soul is anything less because of this or that,

You stand up straight and tall and remind them that

God loved us all so much that He sent Jesus to die

for something we cannot see –

the soul on the inside, even theirs.


When I have to wake up a little bit earlier than normal


When I have to wake up a little bit earlier than normal

I wake up every thirty minutes or so

Look at the clock

And do the math – figuring how much longer I have to sleep

But it takes me longer than most people

Because I’m terrible at math.

And then I think,

“Might as well get up and do some Algebra while I’m at it.”

Then I lay still

And quiet

And try to breathe deeply

Because I read somewhere that’s how you make yourself sleep.

Then my husband makes a noise

Kind of a mix between a cough, a snore, and a hiccup

And it makes me laugh

I look at the clock and do the math.

And I have to get still and quiet again.

Feel the breeze on my arm from the ceiling fan

Turn my pillow over

Lay still

And quiet

And try to breathe deeply

Shoot, I have to go to the bathroom.